Consultation is by appointment only. Standard appointments are scheduled at 10-15 minutes in duration. If you require a longer consult or have multiple medical problems, need forms (e.g. work cover) to be filled, or require an interpreter please inform our reception staff that you require a longer appointment time.

If more than one person from your family wishes to see the doctor at the same time, please ensure that a separate appointment is made for each family member.

If you are feeling sick and would like to see your doctor on the day, please call at 8:30 AM or as early as possible, for an “on the day appointment”. The receptionist will make every effort to accommodate your preferred time. However, this may not always be possible in which case we encourage you to seek health advice from:

NURSE-ON-CALL Tel: 1300 60 60 24

Melbourne Medical Deputising Service Tel: (03) 9429 5677

We are unable to accommodate “walk-in clients” who do not have an appointment except in cases of emergency. Emergency situations are given priority at our clinic and appointment schedules may be temporarily disrupted - our reception will inform you of any known delays in the appointment schedule. Please note that if you do not have an appointment or an urgent medical condition the wait to see the doctor can be up to 3 hours.

Time is valuable to us so if you are unable to attend your appointment or you are running late, please call to cancel or reschedule your appointment time. Repeated missed appointments may not guarantee you future booked appointments.

We wish you a pleasant experience at Sunshine Ultimate Care Clinic and welcome any feedback you have on our services.