Ultimate Care Clinic 

Ultimate Care Clinic functions to provide support services to healthcare practitioners and their independent businesses with the provision of   consulting rooms, operational facilities, nursing and  administrative support. Located at 127 Durham Rd in Sunshine, the site has public transport right to its' doorstep, ample rear and side parking as well as easy disability access.

The Practitioners on site are independent entities. They each have individual operational functioning (including hours of work, fees and charges) and are autonomous in the practice of their area of speciality. 

The Practitioners and their support personnel endeavor to assist you with your health concerns, help you achieve your healthcare goals and attain better health outcomes.

General  feedback is valuable and provides opportunity  for quality improvements of services. For specific feedback please address the individual  health practitioner at your appointment time.

INFLUENZA VACCINE 2024:  The National Influenza Program commences 2nd April, it provides FREE flu vaccinations to: children 6 months - 5 years, people 65 years and over,  women who are pregnant,  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and adults with certain medical conditions. Please check with your doctor if you are eligible for the free flu vaccination, if not eligible, your doctor can provide you  with a flu vaccination  for a fee of $20 (flu vaccination-only 5min appointments will be bulk-billed).

Please contact your preferred practitioner or  Main reception  on 03 9939 6741 to arrange an appointment. 

COVID-19  VACCINE:  The New Omicron (XBB.1.5 sub-variant) COVID vaccine is available from 11th Dec 2023.  Data has shown this new vaccine to provide enhanced protection from severe disease as compared to older vaccines. Please note the New Covid Vaccine can only be administered 6 months from your last dose Covid Vaccine dose, or 6 months from your last Covid infection. It is available for a people  65 years and older and recommended for people with "at risk conditions" between the ages of 5 and 64 years.

Covid Vaccines are available free for Medicare Card Holders only. Please contact your preferred practitioner or  Main reception  on 03 9939 6741 to arrange a Vaccination-Onlyh appointment. 

CHARGES AND FEES:   All TELEHEALTH appointments will no longer be bulk-billed, out-of-pocket fees  apply.  From 1st January 2024  there will be an increase in consultation fees and bulk billing remains at the discretion of the treating GP.

MEDICAL RECORDS TRANSFERS to third parties will also incur fees for Administration time and stationery please request a quote from the individual practitioner whom you usually see, you will be required to provide consent and allow a number of  working days for the transfer to be complete.   The alternative is to  request your individual practitioner to upload your records onto MyGov E-Health Records, this will usually require an appointment booking time. 

HIGH SERVICE DEMANDS   Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during these most unprecedented times.  High service demands combined with limited GP work hours, rising community Covid infections and mental health stress is placing much strain on GP services. The Government has addressed this with providing (PPCC) funding for the opening of a number of local URGENT CARE Clinics with the ability to provide care for urgent needs, open 7 days a week with ability and capacity to accept walk-ins.  

URGENT CARE:  If you require urgent (but non-life threatening) care you can contact the local PPCC (Maribyrnong Priority Primary Care Center) open 7 days a week.  

CORONAVIRUS ALERT :  If you suspect you or a family member has coronavirus, you should call Main Reception on 03 9939 6741,  please do not come into the clinic.

RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS:  If you have any cold/flu -like symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat) please call ahead to inform staff and stay home, the doctors can provide telephone consults and if needed provide assessments in the carpark. 


Please visit  https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au  for the latest updated information.